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About Us

What is ASCOM Consulting


Overview of ASCOM Consulting

ASCOM Consulting was established in 2009 as a company which provides wide variety of educational career counselling and training services in foreign countries. ASCOM is a well-known, authorized overseas consultancy registered with house of companies UK. We, at ASCOM, offer premium educational consultancy, teacher training, corporate training, vocational training, E-commerce training and range of online courses.

We are living in a much diversified world than the one our ancestors used to live in. In short span of time, we have witnessed rapid changes in technologies, concepts, ideas, and trends. The modern concept of lifelong education demands polishing ones skills and attain latest concepts and knowledge on regular basis. We at ASCOM Consulting can help you grow professionally by providing most up-to-date courses and programs in foreign countries, keeping in mind current and future market requirements and trends. The training department of ASCOM conducts Teacher Training, Corporate Training, IT Training and English Language Courses. Whereas, Consultancy Wing helps institutions enhance their efficiency by suggesting improvements in existing procedures. Our clients’ needs are always our prime focus. The training packages provided by ASCOM are the axis of our system architecture.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide opportunities and guidance to prospective candidates seeking International quality education, with a view to produce skilled human resource competent in order to handle future challenges with confidence. Our experienced counselors guide students on courses and career opportunities as per their educational background, interests, aptitude and aspiration. We obtain complete student’s specifications prior to commencement of the work. We endeavor to uphold the excellence by providing inclusive, competent and professional support to students and educational institutions.


We help achieve self-reliance through knowledge and skill by giving honest guidance to students in choosing suitable career paths and selecting credible Institutes.

Our primary goal is to provide students with comprehensive guidelines and ensure high standards in the quality of service.

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