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What is ASCOM Consulting

Established in 2009, ASCOM Consulting provides extensive variety of educational and career counseling along with training services around the world. ASCOM is an eminent, authorized overseas consultancy company registered with House Of Companies UK. Since Incorporation, ASCOM has continued to diffuse new trends in new horizons in education to all over globe.

We, at ASCOM, offer premium educational consultancy, teacher training, corporate training, vocational training, E-commerce training and range of online courses.

With rapid change and development in education system, we have witnessed advancements in technologies, concepts, ideas, and trends. The modern concept of lifelong education demands enhancing ones skill and attain latest concepts and knowledge as a matter of course. We at ASCOM Consulting can help you grow professionally by providing up-to-date courses and programs in foreign countries, keeping in mind current and future market demands and trends.

ASCOM Consulting aims to provide opportunities and guidance to prospective students seeking International quality education to pursue their chosen careers.  We help in producing skilled and competent human resource that can handle today’s fast and highly competitive world efficiently with confidence. The primary goal of our devoted and experienced mentors is to provide assistance to the students on educational and career opportunities in line with their educational background, interests, aptitude and aspiration. We endeavor to uphold the excellence by providing inclusive, competent and professional support to students and educational institutions.

We firmly believe that educated minds can transforms the world and can become the catalyzing agents of socio-economical change. With valuable insight to deliver, we provide comprehensive approaches and ensure high standards in the quality of service.


We help achieve self-reliance through knowledge and skill by giving profound directions to students in their educational and career pathways and providing assistance in selecting credible Institutes.

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