English Courses

ASCOM offers English courses for students aspiring to broaden their personal and professional standing in English language. These courses range from professional training courses (General English & Business English) to test preparation courses (IELTS, A1, A2, B1).

Learning clear speech

General English & Business English are aimed at individuals who wish to improve English speaking for either day-to-day use (general) or use English in a professional environment or at workplace (business). Both English Courses are specialized in their domains and give you a better understanding of vocalizing English and its flow.

How to Book English Courses

Since these course can be booked on site, we arrange teachers and classes that allow you to study remotely allowing you to take classes from the ease of your own location and for the amount of time you deem necessary. Communication technologies such as Skype etc. are used so that a proper E-learning environment is assured.

Available Courses

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