General English

Introduction to General English

General English by ASCOM is a course for the talented individuals to seek to improve upon their skill in language. While we seek to increase your knowledge base of vocabulary via reading, listening, speaking English, our main goal is for you to be able to think English. For you to be able to communicate your opinion, you need to be able to quickly transform your thoughts in to a flow of words that are coherent and courteous.

Fluency requires practice and that is what we offer at our General English course. Here, students are encouraged to speak out; in groups as well as in front of a room full of people!

Language is the basic instrument for understanding human’s thoughts and learning is a process that enhances your ability to exercise control over your tools. ASCOM offers top-notch training in the art and science of clear English communication via General English Course.

Who Can Attend?

General English Language course is designed in line with the latest trends in the International Community to learn and use English as a Common International Language. Its curriculum is designed with a view to impart the essential knowledge and skills to the people who can understand Basic English conversation but cannot express themselves verbally in English.

Why take this General English course?

  • English is one of the most widely business languages
  • English will open up more opportunities for you
  • English will make you more desirable to employers
  • English gives you access to some of the world’s best universities
  • English is the language of some of the world’s greatest literature
  • English allows you to attend international conferences and events
  • English has a simple alphabet and everyone’s equal
  • English gives you wider access to knowledge
  • English is a fantastic intellectual challenge
  • You’ll better understand full-speed English conversations and will sound more like a native speaker yourself.
  • You will be able to cope with your studies, work, business and social activities more confidently
  • People will trust your conversational speech and include you in conversations in a closer, friendlier way.
  • People will accept you easily in informal conversations and events; you’ll be recognized as a strong language learner, not a beginner.
  • People will have more confidence in you in your workplace and business activities

Course Duration

General English by ASCOM offers flexible study options suitable for the time-riddled world of today. You can curate the course to your specific needs and can learn remotely from the ease of your IoT (Internet of Things) device.

ASCOM Business English is available in hourly bundles which you can choose from:

1 HourFree Assessment
2 Hours£30
4 Hours£56
6 Hours£84
8 Hours£110
10 Hours£135
15 Hours£200
20 Hours£260
30 Hours£380
40 Hours£500


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