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Driving Theory Test Preparation

Course Outline:

ASCOM offers a top-notch course for UK’s Driving Theory Test preparation. Our course covers the expanse of all aspects tested during the Driving Theory Test by:

  • Guidance and lectures
  • Practice questions and mock quizzes

Our comprehensive 20 hours training course will take you through the rigorous process of examination and polishing your ability to the optimum for a better performance and test results at the Driving Theory Test Day!

May the evens be in your favor!

Course Description

Driving Theory Test is a comprehensive test of your ability to handle any and all situations that might arise on your cruise on a vehicle. Through the test it is determined if you are fully aware of rules and your responsibilities for road safety while driving and that you have a perception of potentially hazardous circumstances.

ASCOM provides you with the opportunity to become a safe driver and have an enhanced knowledge about Driving Theory before taking the test at Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Multiple-Choice Test

Multiple-Choice part of Driving Theory Test is computer based where you have 50 questions within 57 minutes. In order to pass, the candidate is required to answer correctly at least 43 out of the 50 multiple-choice questions.

Test for bus and lorry drivers lasts for 115 minutes and requires 85 questions to be answered correctly out of 100 questions asked.

All questions need to be answered.

Hazard Perception Test

Test candidates are given fourteen, one-minute video clips to watch (bus and lorry drivers have nineteen video clips) from which they are required to perceive a hazard developing.

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