English Courses

Course Format

General English Language course improves your confidence, fluency and pronunciation in English through developing particular skills. This course will help you with the following skills.

  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Interview Skills
  • Reading
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Writing
  • Group Discussion Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation Skills

Why take this General English course?

  • You’ll better understand full-speed English conversations and will sound more like a native speaker yourself.
  • You will be able to cope with your studies, work, business and social activities more confidently
  • People will trust your conversational speech and include you in conversations in a closer, friendlier way.
  • People will accept you easily in informal conversations and events; you’ll be recognized as a strong language learner, not a beginner.
  • People will have more confidence in you in your workplace and business activities.

Duration: 4 Hours

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