Task Management System

Manage your tasks easily, check your progress and reports

ATMS is a web based application designed to help teams/employees track their work. And the easiest way for employees to track their work and get results. From tasks and works to conversations and notifications, ATMS enables employees to move work from start to finish. It’s simple to get started, but powerful enough to run your entire business.


  • Activity/Progress Graphs
  • User profiles
  • Automatic task assignment notification to email/inbox
  • Create tasks easily
  • My Tasks list (Self Progress Analysis)
  • Track tasks
  • Comment on tasks (Task Discussion)
  • Get notifications
  • HTML5 mobile site
  • Multiple users tasking work-orders
  • Internal communication (Messages module)
  • Team reporting
  • Set tasks progress, and due dates
  • Work order requests
  • Work order based multiple users tasking

Level of Users

  • Higher Level (Admin/Chairman)
  • Managerial Level
  • Employer Level


ATMS allows different level of users to  register and perform actions according to user level access this will help to ensure the proper working in the organization.

High level powerful access user to check overall progress reports. Also manage the users and tasks.

Manager level users can check his team progress reports. Also manage the team tasks.

Manager level users can check his team progress reports. Also manage the team tasks.

Manage Departments


In “Department” tab you can add the different departments of your institution/organization this will allow you to easily track progress of specific department employee.

Manage Users/Employees


Add new user in your ATMS easily by simply fill the user registration form. All fields are not mandatory when user will register can manage update the profile easily.

Easy to manage the users. You can Edit, Block and also View the users profile to check the user progress.

Add New Task


Assign the tasks to users/employees easily. Simply enter the title, select user with quick search, enter the details and select the Task-Completion-Date/Deadline.

Easily manage the tasks by quick search functionality and check the employee progress over the tasks.

Work Order

This feature is very important for organizations. Any employee/department/campus can initiate the request for work or tell their needs to higher level management. And after approval of higher level management work order will start. This also allows easy to track the work order progress. And can add multiple users in one task.

Work Order Requests


Work order requests appear in work order “Request” tab and easy to track the initiator of the request. Higher level management can accept/reject/delete the request according to the scenario.



Team views allows to track the team members and their tasks progress.


For internal communication between employees ATMS give the functionality of messages. Which contains the inbox and outbox for proper messaging communication. Also messages indicator at the top left side of the screen shows the number of un read messages.


For keeping the users update with task assignment and updates over the task users will get the alerts and also automated email notification generation when any user have a new task.


When official notification needs to be announced in the organization there are many hurdles in the organizations but ATMS overcome this problem and give the very comprehensive solution.

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